Machinist (noun): A person who operates a machine, especially a machine tool

As a technology firm FRG believes future success is dictated by continually reviewing new technologies and innovating
from them. This series will explore in more detail actual applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in many different environments and use cases, and will provide perspective on the research, approach, and the solutions, as well as some information on the professionals that are tasked with creating these solutions.

Where Machine Learning and Traditional Corporate Finance Meet (New Machinist Journal 1 No. 6)

While much of the discussion about Machine Learning concerns theoretical applications and experimentation, there are practical uses already in place. Download the latest issue of New Machinist Journal to read about how FRG is using this technology to improve understanding of Private Capital investments.

The New Machinist's Toolkit: Heatmaps - Part 2 (New Machinist Journal 1, No. 5)

Dendrograms are a visualization tool that allows one to view the similarities among objects in addition to the “strength” of the similarity, and are a common addition to heatmaps. Download the latest issue of the New Machinist Journal to see how they can be used together to help identify relationships.

The New Machinist’s Toolkit: Heatmaps – Part I (New Machinist Journal 1, No. 4)

Heatmaps are a visualization technique to help build insight from available data. Download the latest issue to see how they fit in the New Machinist's toolkit.    

The New Machinist’s Process Flow (New Machinist Journal 1, No. 3)

Download an examination of the New Machinist's process flow.

Real Time Learning: A Better Approach to Trader Surveillance (New Machinist Journal 1, no. 2)

Download an issue examining how Machine Learning could be applied to Trade Desk Surveillance, an area of risk management.

New Machinist Journal Vol. 1

Download the first in a series of journal articles exploring the New Machinists and their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools.