PMML & SAS®: An Introduction to PMML and PROC PSCORE

Download a white paper prepared by Andrew Gannon, risk consultant, to learn more about PMML language and its terminology, as well as an introduction to the PROC PSCORE method in SAS.

Sales Practices - Understanding the Behaviors They Incentivize

Download a paper by Dr. Jimmie Lenz examining the use of commissions, bonuses, and other incentives to motivate salespeople.

Platform Services Overview

Download information about FRG's Platform Services team, which provides a range of outsourced technology operations for your company's risk products.

An Introduction to the Improved SAS® Data Integration Studio Batch Deployment Utility on UNIX

Download a white paper prepared by Jeff Dyson, senior consultant, to learn how the updated batch deployment utility in SAS Data Integration Studio 4.901 gives the ETL Tech Lead a more efficient and repeatable method for administering batch jobs.    

VOR (Visualization of Risk)

Download information about the VOR (Visualization of Risk) platform designed to help money managers better understand their portfolio risk and performance.

Basel III Overview

Download an overview of the Basel III regulations and how FRG can help.

BB&T manages risk concentration with SAS

Download a customer success story authored by SAS, describing projects delivered jointly with FRG to BB&T.

Dodd-Frank Act: Implications for Risk Professionals

Download a white paper prepared by Jonathan Leonardelli, FRM, covering the implications of the Dodd-Frank act for risk professionals.

Dodd-Frank Overview

Download an overview of Dodd-Frank regulations and how FRG can help.

FINCAD Case Study

Download a case study authored by FINCAD, describing integrated services that FRG has provided to their clients.

FINCAD F3 SDK Brochure

Download FINCAD's F3 SDK Brochure to find out more about their new, revolutionry technology.

Flex and SAS Testing Module

Allows administrators to test SAS infrastructure for a Flex application deployment.

Playing With History Can Affect Your Future

How handling missing data can impact parameter estimation and risk measure.

Solvency II Overview

Download an overview of Solvency II regulations and how FRG can help.

Superior Returns

GIPS Standards help ensure a standardized approach to tracking the performance of an investment portfolio.

The Basel Games

Evaluation of Basel I, II and III

The Big Picture Brochure

Download our overview brochure for an in-depth look at who we are and what we can do for you.

Why We Love Standards

Following a standard lets you focus on investment performance, rather than on its measurement.