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We believe the future of business will be won by financial institutions who can make decisions with speed and confidence. Analytics and insights now need to be always on. Old tools can’t keep up.

We’re shifting the landscape of financial risk with a leading risk intelligence platform and service that empowers real-time intelligence for modern financial institutions.

Only FRG offers risk intelligence with real-time insights delivered as a service across multiple use cases – from one single, cloud-native platform.

Customers  around the world rely on FRG to help build, run, and illuminate insights.

FRG platforms process over $4.2 Trillion in assets on a monthly basis


12 out of the top 15 Largest Banks in North America have used FRG products and services


Independent survey's Net Promoter score for FRG products and services is 9 out of 10 stars

FRG has clients located in 17 countries around the world.

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Great solutions start with deep insight and understanding, built on experience.

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Our consultants empower the people who power modern financial institutions – allowing them to make smarter decisions, faster.

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Gain insights, elevate your skills, and learn how to get in front of physical climate risk.

Harness The Power of Risk Analytics

We’re putting the power of risk analytics in the hands of everyone by standardizing disparate processes, enabling universal access and leveraging cloud economics – all from a cloud-native, risk intelligence platform.



Our goal at FRG is to create the leading risk intelligence platform and service that empowers real-time results for modern financial institutions. Our team is going to get us there.

Our consultants are experts in solutions development, testing, project management, documentation, hosting and administration and more. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of #TeamFRG – or if you are interested in building the right technical and domain skills we need – we would like to talk to you. 

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I believe my most important job is to find, hire and retain the most talented  individuals we can find. My secondary goal is to make sure we have a nurturing and creative environment for them to flourish and innovate within. Our clients consistently tell us that this is what sets FRG apart from our competition.

Tim Weeks, Managing Partner

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