VOR Risk Intelligence Suite

Build. Run. Illuminate.

Informed investment decisions require you to understand your portfolio risk and performance. However, gathering that information into an easily accessible, real-time environment can be anything but simple.

The VOR (Visualization of Risk) platform brings together data, teams, and technology you need to manage money. Combining innovative risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management, performance, and reporting — all on one platform — VOR provides insight to guide your decision-making regarding risk management, efficient trading, and operational scale.

Understanding portfolio risk and performance across managers and asset classes supports informed decision-making. The VOR platform delivers flexible user-configurable reports and interactive what-if analysis tools help meet the needs of risk managers, portfolio managers, compliance officers, executives, investment committees, and boards.

VOR Stream

At FRG, we know that risk data volume and complexity grow much faster than the time and capacity to process it. We know the enormous effort it takes to stay ahead of it. We know how focus goes into maintaining and squeezing the last drop out of legacy systems instead of finding new solutions. That’s why we created VOR Stream, the foundation for our VOR Risk Intelligence Suite.

VOR Stream more than levels the playing field—it changes the game.


VOR No-Stress Stress Testing

VOR No-Stress Stress Testing (NSST) supports all types of stress testing— credit, market, and liquidity—allowing you to deploy your own models or use out-of-the-box methodologies.

Be in the know, with VOR NSST.


VOR Climate Waterway

Incorporate physical climate risk into your existing stress testing with FRG’s overlay approach.


Meet your IFRS 9 regulatory goals via a platform that is powerful, fast, flexible and easy to use.


Meet your CECL regulatory goals via a platform that is powerful, fast, flexible and easy to use.

VOR Model Reservoir

Simplify your model implementation process while expediting results and lowering costs.

VOR Performance

Calculate and Visualize your performance metrics using predefined methodologies and reports.

VOR Risk Premia

Improve portfolio dynamics and increase potential return opportunities.

VOR Private Capital Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting for private capital investments.

VOR Pacing Optimization

Forecast and optimize your private equity commitments.

VOR Scenario Builder

Create possible future environments to assess their impact on your company’s operations.

VOR Reporting

A visually immersive window into your portfolio.



Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Work smarter with easy automation capabilities. Shorten the path to see results in minutes, not hours. Catch and resolve issues quickly.

Move Beyond Standard Solutions

Our flexible platform puts the power of risk analytics in the hands of everyone. Pre-built APIs in multiple languages provide limitless possibilities.

Thrive in the Data Economy

VOR’s cutting-edge risk analytics redefine the economic model for cloud computers. Serve internal and external stakeholders more confidently and reduce unnecessary headcount with time savings.

Customize Your Plan

VOR provides understanding of risk across managers and asset classes via multiple modules or waterways. Use them separately or as part of a package for an all-inclusive view.


Optimal Pacing for Private Capital Portfolios

Download this technical paper that explains FRG’s pacing model which uses PCF cash flows along with non-linear optimization to help clients construct their pacing plans.

VOR Scenario Builder: Obtaining Business Insight from Scenarios

Scenario Analysis is a useful exercise that can help companies with their strategic planning. Download this white paper by Jonathan Leonardelli to read how FRG’s VOR Scenario Builder solution streamlines scenario creation to make it easier for companies to use this process more often.

VOR Stream brings an innovative approach to risk management.  The transformative technology not only changes the picture but fundamentally changes the framework used to solve complex risk problems.  The new paradigm changes the way business and technology teams approach problems.

John Bell, Director of VOR Product Strategy and Development

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