All of our team members have extensive risk management technology and business knowledge that is forged from years of experience. Their expertise will be channeled into quickly and effectively refining your goals, understanding your challenges, identifying solutions and executing on them. We believe that clients’ businesses should not be a training ground for inexperienced consultants and therefore strive to provide the most knowledgeable consultants available.

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Our involvement in your project, even at a minor level, dictates that we share a common understanding of your vision. This understanding ensures that whatever we deliver helps to move us along the path towards achieving your project goals. In the initial conception stage we can supply experienced leadership to help your team articulate a common vision. During implementation, that vision is a guiding force for progress.

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Our reputation has been built on making only commitments on which we can consistently deliver. A cornerstone to our success is that all of our team members practice the highest standards of integrity. High levels of reliability and respect create a bond of trust between our team and our client’s team, which in turn allows each group to work at the highest level of productivity.



Effective innovation is a focus of our company. Our thinking is geared to the unorthodox use of available resources and tools to maximize effectiveness and value for our clients. We encourage our team members to continuously broaden their thinking by interaction with their peers. A broader base of knowledge and interests nurtures creativity, which directly bolsters our ability to positively impact our client’s business.

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“It's our knowledge and unparalleled expertise that helps take the risk out of clients' risk technology solutions.”
Ron Holanek, Founder