Dodd Frank Creators Weigh In On Law For Its Fifth Anniversary

The Dodd-Frank law turned five years old in July, and its sponsors say they are pleased with what the financial legislation has accomplished. Former Sen. Christopher Dodd and former Rep. Barney Frank discussed the law, its importance and its shortfalls with The Wall Street Journal. Click below to read the article.

Economic Research and Stress Testing

Stress testing the country’s banks provides a valuable measurement of how well the banks would perform under unfavorable conditions. In order for the tests to give the most accurate picture of potential vulnerabilities, Federal Reserve officials don’t disclose the specific models used to crunch those numbers. James McAndrews, director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, explained why the models must remain under wraps in a speech he made at the Fourth Annual Stress Testing Modeling Symposium, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in June. Click through the link below to see a transcript of his remarks to symposium attendees.

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