When you turn to us, you are tapping into a suite of services ranging from risk technology to in-depth analytical modeling to business process advisory. Yet each and every element has grown organically around one core idea–fulfill clients’ needs while surpassing their expectations.

Risk Technology Services

  • Technology integration covering enterprise risk analytics, data management, derivative valuation technology and other areas
  • Dashboards and other user-friendly information delivery mechanisms optimized for business impact
  • Design of architecture based on multiple technology providers
  • Project plan design across multiple technology vendors and service providers
  • Selection of technology components tailored to meet client needs not vendor constraints
  • Development of customized technology solutions
  • Outsourcing of technology operations
  • Hosted solutions for risk technology needs
  • OpVaR and other SAS technology solutions

Risk Advisory Services

  • Design of methodologies for integrated measurement of market, credit and operational risks
  • Assessing methodological consistency of risk measurement policies
  • Design of metrics of enterprise risk tailored to the business
  • Model risk assessment in valuation and other analytical areas
  • Designing techniques and processes to keep pace with changing realities of credit risk
  • Risk analysis and valuation of credit derivatives and structured products
  • Business process review and recommendations geared towards strategic value, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • Operational risk measurement and metrics geared to mesh with specific business processes at the client firm
  • Risk measurement techniques tailored to energy and commodity businesses
  • Regulatory risk measurement including Basel compliance

Risk Knowledge Services

  • Training on best practices in methodology and processes in enterprise risk
  • Analytical modeling for risk measurement in market, credit and operational risk
  • Training in SAS risk technology solutions: SAS® Risk Dimensions, SAS® Credit Risk and SAS® OpVaR

Risk Implementation Services

  • SAS Gold Partner
  • Risk Specialization in SAS
  • Implementation services for SAS® Risk Dimensions, SAS® Credit Risk, SAS
  • Implementation and integration services for derivatives valuation technology including FinCAD and FEA Unique risk solutions for hedge funds and other financial institutions


Data Assessments, Services and Operations

  • Data strategy, target state and roadmap aligned to business priorities
  • Data assessment of current state of data versus desired target state
  • Data organizational planning, including data oversight, roles and responsibilities, and reporting structure
  • Data governance and development of appropriate level of policies, standards, data definitions and business and metadata capture rules
  • Data operations, including data management workflow and implementation of data standards, definitions, data glossary and metadata capture and management
  • Data reconciliation, remediation, and data quality monitoring, metrics and reporting

magnifying glass

Data Architecture, Implementation and Analytics

  • Target data architecture design covering conceptual, logical, and physical data models
  • Design and implementation of data services, including data acquisition, sourcing (vendor and internal), profiling, authoritative data stores  (golden copies and sources of record), data access, distribution, monitoring and data quality management
  • Iterative physical implementation, vendor selection, automated data profiling, reporting, and quality checks, utilizing the cloud where appropriate
  • Data glossary implementation including definition, metadata, rules, and Wiki
  • Implementation of data analytics, machine learning and business intelligence tools utilizing structured and unstructured data
  • Sourcing, application and analysis of data for key business, support and regulatory functions