Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Matters.

Achieving the level of precision and correctness required for financial models or coding takes dedication to detail and a commitment to quality.

At FRG, we don’t think any stage of the quality assurance process should be left to chance. We manage quality through a series of key activities that include:  

  • Identifying the quality standards or requirements
  • Planning the necessary processes, procedures, and metrics  
  • Evaluating overall processes and performance to satisfy the relevant quality standards
  • Implementing sound quality control through inspection, testing, and measuring of our work products and code
  • Monitoring the results to ensure they comply with the standards and meet our clients’ goals. 


Whether a client needs Testing as a Service (TaaS) or as part of a development project, FRG testers are an important part of the Quality Assurance process from the very beginning of an engagement.

That’s because our testers aren’t “just” testers. To our QA team, testing is more than running a quick and automated test case at the end of a project to see if it passes or fails.

The later in the project lifecycle a defect is detected, the more rework is needed to repair it, at a cost to our clients’ time, budget and reputation. Our testers are at the table with developers and clients before any work begins to ensure they understand, exactly, the customer requirements. Our QA and Development teams work in tandem to write test cases and execute a full range of tests to identify and correct any defects as soon as possible. We want to know that your application works under all possible conditions, not just in the best-case scenarios before we turn anything over to you.

FRG consultants are experts in the financial risk industry, and that includes our testing team. Our testers all hold Financial Risk and Regulation (FRR®) or FRM® certification by GARP. That means they have the business and finance background needed to ask the right questions and even make suggestions to make sure the customers’ goals are met.

They are also certified by the ISTQB, keeping them on top of testing trends, best practices, and testing tools such as Jira and Zephyr Squad.

Defects happen. Because they know each project so well, FRG’s QA testers can help your team determine the defect and severity and provide temporary workarounds, letting the developers focus on fixing the problem rather than identifying it.



Testing Services


Unit Testing

Occurs component by component before release to client; ensures intended functionality of each component


Unit Integration Testing

Occurs as modules are added, in tandem with subsequent releases to the client. Helps reduce issues that can later arise during Client UAT


System Testing

 Occurs once full application is in place, after all components are released to the client.


System Integration Testing

Occurs once full application is in place, and any required interfaces are completed.


User Acceptance Testing

FRG testers can either perform full UAT function for clients, or work with the client to perform some UAT functions. Both service offerings can help save time and effort, while training client resources on the new application.