Business Analytics

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions.

Financial Institutions turn to FRG’s Business Analytics team to help them make smarter, faster, and more efficient business decisions. Our expert consultants can deliver insight into your company’s performance using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. From assessment to deployment, our team will deliver the solutions your company needs to manage its risk and analytics processes.

Analytics and technology solutions for a competitive edge.

Understand and adapt to the ever-changing world of big data, machine learning and AI, and unstructured information. Turn your data into insights and improve your business decisions, with help from FRG’s Business Analytics team.



Statistical Modeling

Banks and other FIs must meet a host of regulatory compliance requirements to prove their financial health in a crisis or comply with new accounting standards. Stress tests, for example, help these companies determine portfolio risks, their capital adequacy, and how their internal operations would fare against a financial disaster.

FRG can develop and implement models for satisfying risk assessment and risk quantification that meet business requirements and ensure compliance with regulations such as:

  • IFRS 9 or CECL
  • CCAR
  • Dodd-Frank Stress Testing
  • Basel

We also design, build, and implement models for use outside of regulatory restraints. Our specialized capabilities include experience in the Energy sectors, private equity funds, and commodity firms.


Machine Learning / Deep Learning

FIs increasingly understand that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms add value to business operations where efficiency, prediction and accuracy are most critical.

FRG combines data-centric architecture and technology fluency with modeling expertise to help your company drive business decisions and mitigate its financial risk with any AI or ML project.

Our services in this area include supervised and unsupervised learning algorithm development.


Technical Communication

Our team fluently speaks two languages: business and technology. Our background in financial risk and the regulations specific to FIs helps us address and solve our clients’ communication needs at every step of a risk management solution build, from assessment to production.

We can engage at any step in the process to provide clear and thorough documentation for uses that include:

  • business requirements
  • user guides
  • run-books
  • solution implementation documents


Technology and analytics continue to evolve, requiring your employees to keep up with changes to risk management processes and products. Our consultants offer technical training focused on multiple areas to ensure your solutions run smoothly upon and after delivery. We can help you with:

  • knowledge transfer of new solutions
  • financial risk management concepts such as scenario analysis and stress testing
  • regulations / regulatory risk management such as IFRS 17, CECL, and IFRS 9
  • ML and AI fundamentals and usage

We tailor training materials and sessions to your preferred complexity level, so you know exactly what we are delivering.

Leaving a client with the right tool to address a business need, and the knowledge on how best to use that tool, is central to FRG’s mission.

Jonathan Leonardelli, Director of Business Analytics