FRG's Hosting Services specialize in solutions for companies that need a cost-effective method of developing their risk platform.


  • Outsourced technology operations
  • Hosted solutions for business support of operations: Some clients would like to avoid the costs associated with on-site implementation projects.
  • Our hosted solutions drastically cut implementation time and shift the maintenance burden from your staff to our experienced hosting group so that you can focus on the business while we handle the IT issues.
  • All of this is accomplished while providing a secure environment to run your solutions using your own data.
  • Outsourced risk resources: Our teams have been trained in best practices and testing methodologies and can be deployed for as little or as much time as needed, both on a regular basis and on-demand.
  • Application support services: FRG can provide application support for all lanes of the stress testing process — development, testing, production, and disaster recovery.

  • SAS Administrative support
  • Production help desk and ticketing
  • System and related technical documentation: FRG’s experts can provide business users with direct education on the use of new functionality.
  • Support for business and technical teams: FRG can help you achieve a consistent and efficient transition from core development to production.
  • We offer full integration with the business team for training businesses on new functionality.
  • Our goal is to implement a more consistent process of feedback and testing.
  • Model support for running and modification of models

“Our ability to solve and enhance complex business problems is what sets FRG apart from other competitors.”
Chuck Beck, Senior Director of Outsourced Services