Creating Accountability For Controlling Systemic Risk By Assigning Taxpayers A De Jure Equitable Interest In SIFI Earnings

The theme of the 15th International Banking Conference hosted by the Chicago Federal Reserve was about the Social Value of the Financial Sector – Too Big to Fail or Just Too Big?

With taxpayer dollars being used to prop up financial institutions across some developed economies, it is expected that a fiduciary relationship is established between the taxpayers and the financial institutions. A key component of that trust is transparency and availability of information. Providing weekly and monthly reporting of balance-sheet positions to overseers goes a long way in improving that relationship. Through best in class data management practices, coupled with analytics and forecasting, FRG’s team of consultants will help streamline your requirements for just-in-time regulatory reporting

Given Its Highly Risky Balance Sheet, It’s Time to ‘Stress Test’ the Fed

The current economic climate has us riddled with uncertainty to the point that not even The Federal Reserve is immune to huge losses on its portfolio. As economic conditions change, banks must view the scope of uncertainty through a wider lens and keep in mind that traditional measures of risk may not be suitable for today’s economy. FRG’s team of consultants and developers specialize in quantifying these risks and are currently exploring exciting new areas of research.

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