FRG Announces Strategic Reorganization

Cary, NC February 1, 2021—FRG, a global leader in risk management consulting services, today announced strategic changes to the organization to help the company build upon its core services, enhance client value, and ensure future growth.

The move creates adjustments to the executive leadership team and a new line of business:

  • Tim Weeks will take over Managing Partner responsibilities for the company. Mr. Weeks joined the company in 2007 as one of its first employees and was named a Partner and Senior Director of Services in 2014. He successfully managed the company’s data and risk analytics teams and has been instrumental in building FRG’s solution services.
    As Managing Partner, Mr. Weeks will oversee all business activities for FRG.
  • John Bell, former Managing Partner, will continue to supervise FRG’s VOR product strategy and development. An FRG founder, Mr. Bell was named Managing Partner in 2011 and helped oversee the expansion of FRG’s product and service offerings to include full-service project leadership and an extensive cloud-based product line. He also helped to oversee FRG’s expansion and thought leadership in multiple industries across all major disciplines of risk management.
  • Mike Forno, FRG Partner, will continue to lead sales and strategy for FRG. An FRG founder, Mr. Forno has served as a consultant and in major roles in pre-sales, assessments, and designs. He currently specializes in market, credit and operational risk management, providing guidance and technical lead assistance for clients throughout North America and Europe
  • Chuck Beck, former Senior Director for Hosted Solutions, will take over Service Delivery for FRG. Mr. Beck joined the company in 2010 as a Services Manager. He was later named Director where he led the FRG DevOps Hosting and Product Development teams. He oversaw the creation of the VOR product line and the development of FRG’s managed service offerings. As Director of Service Delivery for FRG, Mr. Beck will manage all project delivery activities for FRG.
  • FRG Academy: This new line of business will build off of the success of the FRG NEET program to scale to the increasing demand FRG is experiencing in the market place for sourcing qualified Risk Professionals. Thomas Panasiewicz will be responsible for expanding the existing NEET program to satisfy the resource needs for both FRG and our clients.

“As the company continues to grow FRG needs to evolve and change to ensure we are ready for our next set of challenges,” Mr. Weeks said. “Since our early days, when the company was literally ‘three guys in a basement,’ we realized change was inevitable and we would need to structure the organization so that we can scale and drive FRG to the next level. We think these moves will allow for the growth of FRG not just as a company, but also allow our employees to grow personally and take on more responsibility.”

“FRG has experienced tremendous growth in the past 10 years,” Mr. Bell said. “I’m glad to have had a role in its success and the growth of everyone who has contributed to its success. We are excited about FRG’s future and the continued rollout of new products and services under Tim’s leadership.”

About FRG:
FRG is an international risk management firm dedicated to helping clients around the world maximize the effectiveness and value of their investments in risk management technology, methodology and processes. The firm was founded in 2002 with the concept of becoming the premier risk management services firm. Originally focused on providing clients with expertise and guidance on risk technology projects, FRG has since expanded to include business advisory services for risk management, data governance alignment strategies, program management and platform services for ongoing support.

Building from their extensive experiences in enterprise risk analytics and technology implementations, FRG has developed product offerings aimed at driving deeper insights and increased value throughout the investment risk management lifecycle. By streamlining data aggregation, analytics and reporting and providing a componentized risk and performance platform, FRG provides its clients with a unique set of capabilities, in a tailored fashion, true to its roots.

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