Real-World Training for Real-World Business Needs


FRG provides a unique blend of risk acumen and technology expertise to our global clients.  Our client advisors must possess advanced knowledge of risk management with experience in a broad range of technologies.  Few people receive this type of experience and knowledge as graduates of higher learning.

That’s why FRG developed the NEET (New Employee Excellence Training) curriculum: it is the first step in preparing individuals for a career in risk management. The intense, 12-month program is structured so that each student becomes proficient in a wide range of technologies  and gains extensive domain knowledge to solve real-world challenges.  NEET utilizes hands-on training, which empowers students to understand real-life applications of what they learn.  At its conclusion, candidates are ready to tackle mission-critical projects for FRG clients around the globe.

Over the course of the program, trainees use e-learning and case studies under the mentorship and supervision of our experienced FRG advisors to learn risk management, methodology and processes—the fundamentals they need to understand the risk domain spectrum. Alongside their domain studies, students learn how to leverage technology to solve risk-related challenges.  Special lectures have included coding standards, version controls, software development life cycles, and unit testing, as well as platform review and project oversight basics. There is emphasis on the technology skills they will need to solve real-world business problems, with each participant gaining programming certifications.

Midway through the program, they will complete a four-day Programming Case Study to assess their knowledge. A final project, one that holds financial relevance, ensures the candidates are ready to assist with client projects.

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Client-Based NEET Solutions

The NEET program has been so successful in recruiting and developing risk management talent for FRG that we offer this same service to our clients.

We have successfully placed multiple employees with our financial institution clients throughout the world.  At the end of the program the employees transition to become permanent members of the client’s organization, allowing our clients to enhance their own, in-house risk team.

Why choose NEET?

  • NEET provides a hedge for the process of recruiting, hiring, training, and assimilating talent
  • FRG has a proven track record of recruiting and identifying high-quality candidates
  • Development milestones and certifications provide a mechanism to track progress
  • Ongoing oversight and mentoring ensures constant feedback and development
  • NEET is a cost-effective staffing strategy