Informed investment decisions require you to understand your portfolio risk and performance. However, gathering that information into an easily accessible, real-time environment can be anything but simple.

VOR Can Help

The VOR (Visualization of Risk) platform brings together data, teams, and technology you need to manage money. Combining innovative risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management, performance, and reporting β€” all on one platform β€” VOR provides insight to guide your decision making regarding risk management, efficient trading, and operational scale.

Understanding portfolio risk and performance across managers and asset classes supports informed decision making. The VOR platform delivers flexible user-configurable reports and interactive what-if analysis tools help meet the needs of risk managers, portfolio managers, compliance officers, executives, investment committees and boards.

In order to make sound decisions, managers and analysts need good data in an easily accessible format. Data management is at the heart of VOR. Dedicated FRG data specialists perform rigorous checks and quality control on all client data. Your analysts, then, spend more time utilizing data, and less time managing it.

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VOR Overview

VOR's Benefits

Industry leading multi-asset class models and analytics

Support for fixed income, equities, FX, derivatives, commodities, real estate, private equity, and hedge funds.

Excel integration

Access all your data within an Excel spreadsheet.

Performance and attribution

Calculate performance from managers and roll up hierarchies on your terms, not some black box.

Data maintenance and analysis

FRG manages all aspects of data maintenance and production of analyses, and provides comprehensive client support and training.

High levels of data accuracy

FRG performs rigorous data checks and quality control processes.

Hosted solutions as service

FRG manages all aspect of data maintenance, production of reports and analyses, systems administration, and provides comprehensive client support and training.

A modular approach

Understanding of risk across managers and asset classes via 4 distinct modules: performance, reporting, analysis, and data. Use them separately, or as part of a package for an all-inclusive view.

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