About Us


At FRG, we want to impact every critical financial risk management decision around the world. Is this a big idea? Absolutely, but just ask our clients, which include some of the largest financial, energy, and commodity firms around the globe: we help you analyze risk, differently.

We recognize that the shift to cloud computing and modern technology architectures is creating a data overflow. We also know that your data is only as valuable as your confidence in it, and the tools you have to put it to work.

Only FRG delivers a risk intelligence platform and service as a true, SaaS solution, across multiple use-cases, enabling financial institutions to thrive in the data economy.

In short, we empower the people who power modern financial institutions. Our consultants are experts in risk solutions, business analytics and data advisory, quality assurance and testing, and project management. Our innovative VOR platform is the only risk intelligence software with a fully-flexible platform that lets finance and technology stakeholders alike make smarter decisions, faster, using our transparent streaming process.

From our headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, we have executed projects that have stretched our footprint from Toronto to Melbourne, and from London to Singapore, with many points in between. In 2016, FRG opened an office in Kuala Lumpur to expand our presence in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. In 2023, we opened an office in Germany, putting boots on the ground in Europe.

Our operations continue to grow. As we move into new places, with new ideas and new technologies, you can be sure we will also expand upon the core idea that has guided FRG since the beginning: fulfill clients’ needs while surpassing their expectations.

FRG Overview

Why FRG? Partner Mike Forno and company principals explain why FRG’s combination of risk management technology and services empowers our clients with unparalleled choice and competitive advantage.

FRG Leadership


All of our team members have extensive risk management technology and business knowledge that is forged from years of experience. Their expertise will be channeled into quickly and effectively refining your goals, understanding your challenges, identifying solutions and executing on them. We believe that clients’ businesses should not be a training ground for inexperienced consultants and therefore strive to provide the most knowledgeable consultants available.


Our involvement in your project, even at a minor level, dictates that we share a common understanding of your vision. This understanding ensures that whatever we deliver helps to move us along the path towards achieving your project goals. In the initial conception stage we can supply experienced leadership to help your team articulate a common vision. During implementation, that vision is a guiding force for progress.


Our reputation has been built on making only commitments on which we can consistently deliver. A cornerstone to our success is that all of our team members practice the highest standards of integrity. High levels of reliability and respect create a bond of trust between our team and our client’s team, which in turn allows each group to work at the highest level of productivity.


Effective innovation is a focus of our company. Our thinking is geared to the unorthodox use of available resources and tools to maximize effectiveness and value for our clients. We encourage our team members to continuously broaden their thinking by interaction with their peers. A broader base of knowledge and interests nurtures creativity, which directly bolsters our ability to positively impact our client’s business.

Chuck Beck

Chuck Beck is a specialist in business intelligence and data warehousing. Prior to joining FRG, he was an IT manager at SAS world headquarters, where he oversaw the team responsible for the global implementation and support of SAS® Solutions, Data Warehousing & Reporting and Master Data Management. His team was recognized within SAS R&D circles as a representative benchmark of how real world customers use SAS® Business Intelligence Products.

Chuck has broad experience across multiple industries including Banking, Investments, Insurance, Energy and Pharmaceuticals, always focusing in the finance, accounting, and market subject areas. Chuck received his undergraduate and master’s degree in Economics from East Carolina University.

John Bell

John Bell is a specialist in market, credit, and operational risk reporting and delivery. He has comprehensive knowledge of SAS software, with particular expertise in SAS® Credit Risk Management for Banking and FRG’s reporting solutions. Before becoming a partner with FRG he served as development manager for SAS® Credit Risk Management for Banking and Manager of the SAS Risk practice. He previously held management positions at Toshiba and CIT.

John has traveled the world as a consultant for risk management projects, focusing on developing and implementing advanced risk reporting platforms for energy firms, retail and investment banks, hedge funds, and international banks. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA in finance from Lehigh University.

Valerie Cooper

Valerie Cooper has extensive experience in Program and Project Management, Quality Assurance Management, and Resource Management. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with expertise in the Information Systems, Manufacturing, State and Local Government, Federal Government, and Healthcare industries. Valerie started her career as a developer before moving into leadership roles. In a leadership capacity, she has led teams internationally, relying on strong planning, communications, collaboration, and execution skills to overcome time zone and language barriers. She is an excellent communicator, able to interpret and bridge technology and business goals to move her teams towards solutions. She has a solid background in successful program implementations ranging from hosting migrations to software development.  Understanding the importance that solid testing and continual quality improvement to the overall success of projects, Valerie has also taken on Test Director and Test Management assignments along her career path.

Valerie joined FRG in 2015.  Prior to joining FRG, Valerie was a Program and Project Manager for HP.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Virginia Tech, with a minor in Statistics.

Wendy Cutler

Wendy Cutler utilizes her leadership expertise in program management and collaboration to improve workflow processes, meet critical deadlines, and exceed profitability goals.

Prior to joining FRG in 2016, Wendy led the start-up of a 400,000 square foot distribution center that utilized an auto pick warehousing system. With full plant level P&L and operational responsibilities, she incorporated a just-in-time inventory system for two of the largest hospital systems in North Carolina into this new facility.

Wendy’s strengths include operations management, critical thinking, budgets, forecasting, human resources, and protocol development. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Maine and an MBA from Syracuse University Whitman School of Management.

Michael Forno

Michael Forno has more than 25 years of experience in delivering risk management technology solutions. Mike has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the world. His clients include banks, asset managers, hedge funds, energy traders, agribusiness companies, state pensions, and private endowments. With such a diverse client base, he has enjoyed implementing sound risk management principles and practices for regulatory reporting purposes, as well as internally lead risk oversight initiatives and enablement of better risk reward decision support.

A former manager and lead risk trainer at SAS Institute, Mike designed, developed and delivered the company’s first risk management training courses, and still contributes to its risk management curriculum. He currently specializes in market, credit and operational risk management, providing guidance and technical lead assistance for clients throughout North America and Europe. Mike has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics from North Carolina State University, where he also studied statistics and oceanography.

Dessa Glasser

Dessa Glasser, Ph.D., is a Principal with a 30-year track record designing and implementing innovative solutions and organizations in risk, data, and analytics. She focuses on Data and regulatory solutions and also assists Virtual Clarity, Ltd. on data solutions for their clients. She was recently named an Independent Member of the Board of Directors for Oppenheimer Holdings Inc.

Dessa moved into the private sector after teaching at Rutgers University. At JPMorgan Chase, she launched firm-wide Capital Stress Testing Analytics then, as its first CDO, she built the Chief Data Office for Asset Management. She was Deputy Director of the Office of Financial Research for the US Treasury, supporting the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), implementing data, standards and analytic solutions, including the global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). She established the Chief Risk Office for Bunge, serving as the first CRO. She also held senior positions at Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, IBM, and KPMG.

Dessa has a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from Fordham University, and serves on the Advisory Board for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She has a B.S. in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Jonathan Leonardelli

Jonathan Leonardelli, MFM, FRM, is a risk technologist who specializes in credit, market, and operational risk. In addition to helping businesses investigate, identify, quantify, and take action on the risk in their portfolios he also helps clients develop and implement processes to satisfy regulatory requirements.

At FRG, Jonathan leads the group focused on business analytics. This group offers services that include model development, data science, technical writing, systems integration and user acceptance testing, and training. The group employs machine learning algorithms in addition to traditional statistical techniques to satisfy client objectives and internal initiatives.

Since joining FRG, Jonathan has led multiple projects to successful completion using his leadership, modeling, and business knowledge. The projects he has worked on span regulatory areas such as CECL, IFRS9, CCAR, Basel, IRRBB, LICAT, and BCBS239. Jonathan is a contributor to the FRG blog and has authored several white papers.

Tim Weeks

Tim Weeks is a leader in Business Intelligence environments. He sharpened his skill set at SAS Institute headquarters, where he focused on development, database design and business analysis. He was eventually named IT Manager for Global Data Warehousing and Reporting. An early adopter of SAS® BI management solutions, he was a member of several governance committees, including the BICC.

Tim joined FRG in 2007, providing technical leadership for numerous Risk Management products for clients across the banking and commodities industries. He is certified as a Financial Risk Manager with the Global Association of Risk Professionals and has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics from East Carolina University.