VOR Climate Waterway

Get Ahead of the Storm.


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Climate change events are occurring worldwide. Prepare your risk strategy for the coming storm with VOR Climate Waterway, a comprehensive approach designed to integrate acute climate risk into your enterprise risk processes. Gain insights and practical solutions for assessing the physical risks associated with climate change.

An Overlay Approach to Physical Climate Risk

Incorporate physical climate risk into your existing stress testing without any model requirements or computation complexity. Read our product sheet to understand how VOR Climate Waterway gives you a clear view of portfolio loss drivers, designed for your specific scenarios.

See the Impact—Before it Hits

FRG’s VOR Climate Waterway gives you the advanced tools and strategies you need to assess the impact of an extreme weather event. This scenario sheet explains how our approach could help your financial institution incorporate a hurricane into your quarterly stress test before it hits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Integrate with Existing Systems

Improve and expand your current process, with ZIP-code level precision in articulating climate events.

Keep Up with Regulatory Guidelines

VOR Climate Waterway is aligned with current international standards, and adapts to stay compliant as regulatory environments change.

Incorporate a Range of Methodologies

Our flexible approach integrates with a variety of climate methodologies, whether they are out of the box or custom built. Or, work with our services team to build methodologies that fit your exact needs.


Get Full Insight and Transparency

The VOR Climate Waterway provides full control over how climate risk is integrated into your metrics. It is a transparent solution with clear documentation for complete oversight.

Build. Run. Illuminate

VOR Climate Waterway is part of the VOR Risk Intelligence Suite.  Contact us to learn more about how this suite of innovative modules can help guide your decision-making regarding risk management, efficient trading, and operational scale.