Women in Data Group Aims to Help Women Achieve Industry Leadership Roles

Dessa Glasser, FRG Principal, is co-chairing a new Women in Data interest group for the EDM Council that aims to advance the role of women in data management.

Dessa Glasser

The goal is to help more women achieve leadership positions in data.

“We want to help women get the skill sets they need to get ahead,” Glasser said.

To that end, the group will focus on educational opportunities as well as networking connections. Men are encouraged to join.

“We’ve found that more men would like to reach out and support women, but they don’t always know how,”Glasser said. “This gives them a chance to expand their own network. Many times we find that people tend to hire people who look like them. This is a chance for senior leaders to be exposed to a group maybe they wouldn’t normally be and to gain contacts as well as diversity of thought.” Studies have shown that diverse views often lead to better solutions, she said.

An article about the Women in Data Group has been published by Waters Technology. Read it here: https://www.waterstechnology.com/management-strategy/4712961/edm-council-forms-data-womens-group

The EDM Council is a global organization that provides a venue for data professionals to work together on the challenges and advances in data management. Glasser, who also serves as an independent board member for Oppenheimer Holdings, was one of the founding members of the council. She is co-chairing the EDMC’s Women in Data group with Marla Dans, director and head of data governance at Tradeweb; and Andrew Ianello, president and chief commercial officer at Lmrkets.

Membership in Women in Data is open to anyone, not just EDMC members. Members can join in online discussions; read (and contribute) to the group’s blog; access educational materials in the group’s online library; and access a calendar of relevant events.

For more information on the group, visit https://edmcouncil.org/page/WIDPublic.