Tim Weeks Named FRG Partner

Tim Weeks has been named a partner of the The Financial Risk Group, the company announced this week. He joins Ronald Holanek, John Bell and Mike Forno in leading the Cary-based risk management firm.

Weeks, a risk architect, joined FRG in 2007. He provides technical leadership for risk management products for clients across the banking and commodities industries. He is certified as a Financial Risk Manager with the Global Association of Risk Professionals, and has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics from East Carolina University.

The partnership opportunity will allow Weeks to combine his knowledge of implementing risk management solutions with his passion for building businesses. He said he hopes to use his strengths in technology, risk management and business development experience to help differentiate FRG in the market and grow the firm.

“One of our largest impediments to growth is finding qualified people that have the necessary skills to implement customized risk management solutions,” Weeks said. “My focus will be on continuing to improve our training and design methodologies to ensure our consultants have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver value to our clients. The goal is to define a set of practices unique to FRG to develop consultants that understand how to build customized risk management solutions.”

John Bell said Weeks has provided senior level expertise and leadership to many FRG clients throughout his career.

“Many of our clients attribute their success to Tim’s vision and outstanding execution,” Bell said. “He has an uncanny ability to communicate complex problems at various levels within the organization. He also possesses the ability to meet project deadlines when facing complex organizational and technological hurdles. We are pleased to have him join the senior leadership ranks at FRG and look forward to Tim helping FRG and our clients maximize their success.”

About The Financial Risk Group:
The Financial Risk Group is an international risk management firm dedicated to helping clients around the world maximize the effectiveness and value of their investments in risk management technology, methodology and processes. FRG provides clients with unique technology offerings, implementation services, business advisory services and thought leadership in various areas of risk management. www.FRGRisk.com.