Scenario Based Management and CECL

Why should you care about Scenario-Based Management?

Jonathan Leonardelli, FRG’s Director of Business Analytics, participated in a webinar this week with SAS and Oliver Wyman on the relevance of Scenario-Based Management.

They discussed:

  • The relevance of Scenario-Based Management, beyond risk management, and how it can be used for commercial and managerial purposes.
  • How can smaller banks leverage their CECL framework and data for managerial purposes, while still meeting the deadline for January 2023;
  • The benefits of a white-box approach to better manage your allowance for credit losses at a lower price point.

A replay of the webinar is available here.

To read more about Scenario Analysis and how it can be used to help companies with their strategic planning, download Mr. Leonardelli’s  white paper, VOR Scenario Builder: Obtaining Business Insight from Scenarios.