RRG and FINCAD Strengthen Partnership and Deliver Superior Value to Their Clients

CARY, North Carolina – December 10, 2009 – The Financial Risk Group (FRG) has been working with FINCAD analytics for many years and has recently formalized a partnership with FINCAD that will allow the two companies to continue delivere superior value to their joint clients, now in a more formalized way.

On the heels of FINCAD’s release of their Analytics Suite 2010, and recent successes for FRG in implementing FINCAD analytics for some of the largest global financial institutions, FRG and FINCAD entered into discussions to formalize a relationship which would allow FRG to leverage FINCAD’s software and package it with other technologies to offer to clients and allow FINCAD to leverage FRG’s experience in deploying FINCAD analytics, in offering implementation services to their clients.

“It’s one of those win-win relationships where all parties are completely aligned and together offering tremendous value to their clients”, commented Ron Holanek, President of FRG.


About FRG:

Financial Risk Group is an international risk management services firm, dedicated to helping clients around the world maximize the effectiveness and value of their investments in risk management technology, methodology and processes. FRG provides clients with unique technology offerings, implementation services, business advisory services and thought leadership in various areas of risk management. For more information visit: www.frgrisk.com


Founded in 1990, FINCAD provides software and services supporting the valuation and risk management of cross-asset class derivatives and fixed income securities to banks, corporate treasuries, asset management firms, auditors, and governments. FINCAD is the industry standard for financial analytics used by more than 35,000 financial professionals in over 80 countries. Over 70 FINCAD Alliance Partners embed FINCAD analytics within their solutions. For more information visit: www.fincad.com