New NEET Consulting Trainees for FRG

Ian Oglesby and Mathew Snyder have joined the Financial Risk Group as New Employee Excellence Training (NEET) Consulting Trainees.

FRG’s NEET training program provides early support, guidance, experience and the basic tools necessary to strengthen the foundation upon which new hires build their careers. The program’s aims are to establish a consistent, organization-wide orientation program that:
• Accelerates learning and skills required to provide immediate impact on projects
• Organizes essential tasks and packages fundamental information for new employees and their supervisors
• Encourages employee support and connections beyond immediate work area
• Promotes a holistic perspective on the organization
• Helps the employee place him or herself in the context of the organization
• Offers a polished end product that still allows for customization

Trainees use e-learning and case studies under the mentorship and supervision of an experienced FRG consultant to learn risk management technology, methodology and processes.

Ian is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he majored in Political Science with a minor in Economics. A Deans List Student, Teaching Assistant and campus leader, he was Chairman of the Campus Conduct Board, Founding President of Seahawks for Obama, and President of the Model United Nations Association. He worked as a field organizer and community/campus fellow with Organizing for America North Carolina, an organizer for the Coalition of Students for Equality, and was a presenter at the Eastern Economics Association in Boston, MA. In addition, Ian received the Undergraduate Research Scholar Award from the UNC Wilmington Honors College, the Julia Boseman Student Activist Award from the UNC Wilmington Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Outstanding Leadership Award from the UNC Wilmington Office of the Dean of Students, the Distinguished Student Citizenship Award from the UNC Wilmington Dept. of Public and International Affairs, and the Anne Sherman-Skiba Scholarship from the Coastal Carolina United Nations Association.

Mathew is also a recent Deans List graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he majored in Business Administration with concentrations in Economics and Finance. He also studied Finance and International Business at Hochschule Bremen in Bremen, Germany. His research includes a model measuring the effect of political pressure on the Federal Reserve titled Federal Reserve Independence: An Examination of the Federal Funds Rate Under Different Regimes. Mathew received significant merit scholarships at UNC Wilmington; he helped manage the $1.3 million real dollar portfolio through the Cameron School of Business; and he was a member of the UNC Wilmington Fed Challenge Team, creating policy recommendations for the Federal Reserve and presenting recommendations at branch banks. He was a member of the UNC Wilmington National Association of Business Economists and of the UNC Wilmington Student Finance Association. Mathew received the Chancellor’s Achievement Award and a travel grant to present his research at professional conferences. He is a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity build sites and is a 4th Degree Black Belt and Certified TaeKwondo Instructor.

FRG welcomes Ian and Mathew to the firm.