FRG Presents at UNCW Business Week

On March 25 FRG employees Ian Oglesby, Mat Snyder, and Ann Stoddard spoke at the University of North Carolina Wilmington for the Cameron School of Business 33rd annual Business Week.

The event is designed to provide an “innovative and engaging” experience for students, while giving them a first-hand glimpse into the business world.

FRG presented “Small Consulting Company, Big Financial Clients.”

“We wanted to introduce students to our NEET (New Employee Excellence Training) program, as well as discuss FRG’s unique work environment of working for a small company of around 30 employees, but on projects for large banks and financial institutions located around the world,” said Ann Stoddard, FRG’s operations manager. “Ian and Mat provided some very useful tips about their first year experiences after graduating from UNCW.”

Oglesby and Snyder are not only recent alumni of UNCW; they have also completed FRG’s rigorous NEET program, which accelerated their learning of skills they need to make an immediate impact on client projects.

FRG is excited about the academic efforts of the Cameron School of Business and the possibilities of hiring additional students from UNCW.

The company would like to thank several of UNCW’s facility members at the Cameron School of Business that we had the pleasure of meeting:

• Dr. Nivine Richie, Department Chair for Economics and Finance
• Dr. Robert Burrus, Interim Dean and Faculty Advisor
• Dr. Thomas Simpson, Executive in Residence of Economics and Finance
• Dr. Ed Graham, Professor of Finance
• Ms. Teresa Walker, Faculty Advisor