FRG Launches New Website

CARY, North Carolina – March 16, 2009 – The Financial Risk Group (FRG) launched it’s new website today. Designed by award winning strategic branding firm Fabrik Agency, the site is the latest phase of a corporate identity project that Fabrik has been leading for FRG since late last year.

“The corporate identity that Fabrik has designed for FRG is a perfect representation of where we are as a company.” Mike Forno, a partner at FRG, said. “The concepts of insight, structure and organic growth resonate in all of the materials that Fabrik has designed for us, and relate perfectly to our business. I can’t say enough good things about the guys at Fabrik. We are very excited about the new website and look forward to hearing feedback from our clients and colleagues.”

About the FRG Brand:

FA’s research validated that FRG understood the minds of its customers. Nevertheless, FA concluded that in its current state, FRG stood little chance with the C Level audience, even though brand equities consistent with C Level interests existed. The challenge was to reposition FRG around those equities to become more relevant to this future customer without alienating existing customers. Repositioning efforts also needed to differentiate FRG from a much larger, competitive set.

FA created the new identity system to embody the spirit of the brand and visually signify FRG’s repositioning to the market which evokes courage, sound consulting, motivating to do and be more, and staying agile with focus and purpose. FA also streamlined FRG’s architecture and nomenclature to be implemented onto the web and simplify the brand system. The brand launched in early 2008.

About FRG:

Financial Risk Group is an international risk management services firm, dedicated to helping clients around the world maximize the effectiveness and value of their investments in risk management technology, methodology and processes. FRG provides clients with unique technology offerings, implementation services, business advisory services and thought leadership in various areas of risk management. For more information visit:

About Fabrik Agency:

Fabrik agency ( FA ) is a full service design studio that focuses on the creation of brand singularity across multiple platforms. Our deliverables – print, web and motion – combine to create a collective intellectual and emotional experience that is always whole. We develop customized brand solutions for our clients. And we do it by strategically integrating our most valued assets: research and creativity. FA brings a combined 25 years of award winning experience in national markets. For more information visit: