FRG Expands Into Building G

The Financial Risk Group is pleased to announce the completion of its recent expansion project. Located behind the firm’s headquarters at 320 S. Academy Street in historic downtown Cary, Building G comprises more than 830 square feet and will provide much needed space to accommodate the company’s growth.

“When we bought the office, the garage was actually part of our decision,” said Mike Forno, an FRG partner. “We saw the potential to grow into the space and stay in downtown Cary. The firm’s growth, and associated need for additional space, happened a little quicker than we originally expected.”

The design decision was to keep the space in Building G as open and flexible as possible, with a modern / industrial aesthetic, Forno said.

“We wanted to accommodate teams of employees working together on projects and provide a large gathering space for meetings and training,” he said. “We don’t plan on assigning any permanent seats. Instead, we have taken ideas from some of our clients’ workplaces, in providing more flexible spaces for people to work in.”

Building G should accommodate 10 to 15 employees and allow FRG to stay comfortably in downtown Cary.

“However at the current growth rate, another addition may sneak up on us again,” Forno said.

About the Financial Risk Group:
Financial Risk Group is an international risk management services firm dedicated to helping clients around the world maximize the effectiveness and value of their investments in risk management technology, methodology and processes. FRG provides clients with unique technology offerings, implementation services, business advisory services and thought leadership in various areas of risk management.