FRG Employees Completed the Latest FiNCAD Training

FRG’s employees, Henry Skiba and Thomas Panasiewicz have completed the FinCad F3 4.0 training. This new Fincad release is designed to meet regulatory requirements in today’s financial landscape. Fincad states that “Basel III, Dodd-Frank, EMIR and other regulations are placing a greater demand for complex risk measurements including accounting for counterparty credit risk/CVA, the margin period of risk, wrong way risk and collateralization. To meet regulations and give organizations a competitive advantage, these measurements now need to be calculated on-demand. F3 4.0 was designed to address the growing requirement for near real-time analysis with calibration enhancements and the added ability to offload and cache calculations, allowing users to maximize computational efficiency and handle large portfolios with ease. F3’s Platform Server enables sharing throughout an organization, and helps in reducing organizational silos.” FRG is a proud implementation partner of Fincad. To learn more about the Fincad’s products visit website their website at