Dessa Glasser Presents at TXF Singapore 2018

FRG Principal Dessa Glasser was invited to speak at the TXF Singapore 2018 Trade, Treasury and Commodity Finance conference, a 2-day networking trade conference held in Singapore Feb. 29 – March 1. Glasser’s presentation, “Managing Risk in a Globalized Commodity Market,” explained how effective management of risk is one of the key challenges facing commodity players, who operate in an increasingly globalized market. The session described a practical approach to creating a risk-aware culture and a framework to assist in decision making.

Dessa Glasser has more than 25 years experience designing and implementing innovative solutions in risk, data, and analytics across financial and non-financial institutions. Before Dessa joined FRG, she built the Chief Data Office for Asset Management at JPMorgan Chase. While at JPMorgan Chase, she served as the first Chief Data Officer and launched the Capital Stress Testing Analytics team for the Corporate Financial Office.


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