VOR Model Reservoir

Simplify Your Model Implementation

VOR Model Reservoir lets you keep all your models in one place, and test and execute them in a lightweight and efficient manner. It quickly shows you results and lowers your implementation costs due to its modular and technology-agnostic design. 

Why VOR Model Reservoir?

VOR Model Reservoir helps you meet governance requirements while it reduces costs and shaves your implementation time to weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about VOR Model Reservoir.



Open and Transparent

All calculations are documented and available in Excel format.  No guesswork needed when reviewing numbers.

Performance on Your Terms

Define your hierarchy and choose your calculation methods.

Performance and Attribution

Calculate performance metrics and realized risk and performance attribution.

2 Service Levels

Managed and Unmanaged versions available to clients.

Managed Service

FRG manages all aspects of the system, from data loading to running calculations.  A skilled performance analyst is assigned to each account.

Unmanaged Service

Client upload their data and manage the portfolios. FRG offers tech support as required.

Build. Run. Illuminate

VOR Performance is part of the VOR Risk Intelligence Suite.  Contact us to learn more about how this suite of innovative modules can help guide your decision-making regarding risk management, efficient trading, and operational scale.