A World Class Technology Solution

Meet the challenges of CECL adoption with a risk platform that is vast, fast and nimble: VOR CECL Waterway.

CECL Waterway seamlessly brings all your disparate data and models together in its cloud-native architecture. It employs best practices for the most accurate results. Because of its ability to stream the processing, CECL Waterway runs smarter and faster. Every ounce of processing power earns its keep.

Wherever you are in your CECL adoption, FRG and CECL Waterway can meet you there. We can help put together a solid and data-driven strategy that will work now and for years to come. And we can take on as much as you need to get it up and running.

CECL Waterway is an open-source platform that eliminates the need to lock yourself into specific methodologies or models. Designed for model management, CECL Waterway lets these coexist, be calibrated, and switched at will, and evolve with your business. That lets the CECL process adapt to your resources instead of the other way around.




The granularity of the platform ensures complete transparency of input, models, transformations, and results.



 Inherent audit and compliance features means the waterway automatically self-documents.



Shows you early results and lets you pause, resume, stop, restart, and go back and forth in the processing.


Tailored Results

Real-time updates of management dashboards and user-defined templates are straight out of the box.


VOR CECL is part of the VOR Risk Intelligence Suite.  Contact us to learn more about how this suite of innovative modules can help guide your decision-making regarding risk management, efficient trading, and operational scale.