Transform Your CECL Reporting: Insights from Industry Leaders

Explore The Future of CECL Reporting

Join industry experts Regitze Ladekarl and Emma Hadley from FRG as they explore the future of CECL reporting in our latest video podcast. Discover why many CECL tools are outdated and how modern solutions offer unprecedented accuracy, flexibility, and integration.

Key Highlights of the Video Podcast:

  • Model Flexibility: Integrate and interchange models seamlessly on a single platform.
  • Adaptive Functionality: Use platforms that enable nuanced analysis adjustments.
  • Customization Capabilities: Tailor core analytics to meet your unique requirements.
  • Scenario and Data Flexibility: Facilitate real-time changes to scenarios and data for faster analysis and reporting.
  • Scenario Planning: Perform swift ‘what-if’ analyses with various integrated data sources.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Choose on-premise or cloud-hosted options to fit your infrastructure.
  • Business-Specific Inputs: Incorporate personalized inputs for enhanced accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Support diverse risk-related analyses beyond CECL.


Regitze Ladekarl, FRM

Regitze Ladekarl, FRM

Director of Company Intelligence

Regitze has more than 30 years of experience in the overlapping fields of financial risk management and technology. She currently leverages that experience as the Director of Company Intelligence at the Financial Risk Group, where she manages our knowledge and ensures it flows to the right people at the right time. Regitze has previously served as an FRG Risk Consultant and Manager of Risk Solutions, working with clients on market, credit, and liquidity risk in industries as diverse as banking, asset management, commodities, and energy. She has also worked for SAS, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) and in management consulting. She has a Master’s degree in Economics and a certification as a Financial Risk Manager.
Emma Hadley

Emma Hadley

Business Analytics Consultant

Emma, a Business Analytics consultant at FRG, has worked on projects involving CECL, CCAR, IFRS9, and EWST. She is a member of FRG’s climate risk analytics team, collaborating on the initial and continued development of climate risk products to measure and visualize the material impact of climate events. Emma is an experienced technical writer, has implemented model updates on client stress testing platforms, as well as assisted in credit risk model development. She has a background in economics from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

What Clients Say About This Podcast

Choosing the right CECL tool is pivotal for any financial services company; it not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also enhances accuracy in credit loss forecasting, bolstering financial stability and investor confidence.

Compliance Program Manager, Regional US Bank

This strategy is directly aligned with our approach to CECL compliance and what we know our peers are doing.

Director of Risk , Large US Bank

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