With Jobs Plentiful, B-Schools Expand Risk Management Offerings

FRG realized, as did business schools such as the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, that corporations need to hire trained Risk Management personnel. So in 2011, FRG started a NEET training program for recent college graduates interested in learning SAS software programming skills with practical applications in Risk Management. Please contact FRG to learn how we can assist corporations in their training needs.


Creating Accountability For Controlling Systemic Risk By Assigning Taxpayers A De Jure Equitable Interest In SIFI Earnings

The theme of the 15th International Banking Conference hosted by the Chicago Federal Reserve was about the Social Value of the Financial Sector – Too Big to Fail or Just Too Big?

With taxpayer dollars being used to prop up financial institutions across some developed economies, it is expected that a fiduciary relationship is established between the taxpayers and the financial institutions. A key component of that trust is transparency and availability of information. Providing weekly and monthly reporting of balance-sheet positions to overseers goes a long way in improving that relationship. Through best in class data management practices, coupled with analytics and forecasting, FRG’s team of consultants will help streamline your requirements for just-in-time regulatory reporting


Given Its Highly Risky Balance Sheet, It’s Time to ‘Stress Test’ the Fed

The current economic climate has us riddled with uncertainty to the point that not even The Federal Reserve is immune to huge losses on its portfolio. As economic conditions change, banks must view the scope of uncertainty through a wider lens and keep in mind that traditional measures of risk may not be suitable for today’s economy. FRG’s team of consultants and developers specialize in quantifying these risks and are currently exploring exciting new areas of research.


The Risks of Oversimplifying Stress Test Models

Simple methods of stress testing often result in risky practices, but the trade off of using a simple model occurs through an easier understanding relative to a complex model.  FRG’s team of consultants develop complex models through an intuitive understanding of the economy that make them simple and easy to understand.  Through years of training in both modeling and presentation, this process has become seamless.


Hierarchy of Visual Understanding

Risk visualization as a science and art form is still in it’s infancy.  The vast majority of users still view data in tabular form or use simple graphs to visualize.  FRG can help your firm take the next step in visualization.  We use storyboards and informative maps to help users comprehend information and decipher trends faster.  Contact us for more information on how we can help your team see trends faster.



Why Basel III matters

FRG has helped many of the SIFI companies design, implement and build world-class risk platforms. We’ve also helped these institutions implement advanced reporting and analytics designed to minimize the burden of meeting regulatory requirements. Give us a call to find out more about our experience and capabilities.

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